Friday, May 19, 2017

Psychotic Reactions with Pip featuring Howie Pyro and (wiping up the rear) Kogar the Swinging Ape!

It's been a suuuuper long time since I've guested on Pip's show.  Luckily Howie Pyro was in town and he consented to be (tormented) by us on WZBC! 

Here is the recording for future generations to be irritated and annoyed by. There are a few minor clicks here and there, which I apologize for...

Here you go, a non-echo, super short, Least Coast Edition fusion of Psychotic Reactions and Intoxica!

Thanks Howie for all the larfs and I'm glad we were able to get you to the show on time!  Too bad we didn't have the time to talk about the guy who called in and was trying to tell us a great way to do an echo without having the effects. But that included being in a bathroom....which, clearly we did not have during the making of this show!


Listen to Howie's REAL GONE show every Tuesday Night at 9:00 Karloffornia Time (that's Pacific time for you squares)! More info at Follow Howie Pyro on Facebook, Instagrunt, or whatever social media is trending right now....


  1. We are not allowed to download this.

  2. All good now thank you very much.

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