Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dean Carter!

Here's one of Dean Carter's (aka Arlie Nevil) stunning 45's on his own "Milky Way" label. This came out in 1967, and every time I hear it, I shake my head. What was this guy on?! Talk about your strange influences. He had one foot in the 50's, the other foot in the 60's and another foot in the future somewhere!

Everyone's heard his version of Jailhouse Rock, right? Hell, it's been comped from here to eternity. But are you familiar with Rebel Woman?! This song is a total monster. Listen to that fuzz! Turn this up as loud as your speakers can take it and let that fab guitar wash over you...



Thursday, May 6, 2010


Here's three different versions of the killer instrumental, The Caterpillar Crawl!

Note the weird writing credits on the version by The Fugitives...

Not included is the version by The Zodiacs (because you can easily purchase it from Norton!) or the version by Canned Heat!