Monday, May 12, 2014

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 5 (remaster)

Here is the "remaster" of Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 5!

As near as I can tell, I originally made this volume back in 2004. Or at least that's what the date stamps say on the mp3's. Also, in 2004 the Cramps released their How to Make a Monster double CD set, and some of the songs mentioned in the liner notes make an appearance here.

 A few major things were fixed; firstly the version of Heartaches by Ted Weems and his Orchestra has been fixed. The song that was on the original mix was not the correct version (or the correct band!) that appeared on the Purple Knif Show.  Also fixed is the Jack Eely version of Louie Louie. Listen to your old version and cringe at the quality of that mp3. This one is taken right from my copy of the 45. Back in 2004, I didn't have a copy...

A note regarding Oh! Susanna. As far as I can tell that track hasn't been issued on CD, So I made an mp3 from my own copy of the 45 which sounds a tad better than the original mp3. But seriously, how many of you actually listen to that song when it pops up on your ipod?

Thanks go out to Haunted George for the image for this volume. He found this photo on an old newspaper. I can only imagine it accompanied an article dealing with the horrors of Drag Racing, or Chickie Runs!

Also thanks to Adam Fitch for doing his usual bang up layout work!

And lastly thanks to WFMU and Debbie D. for hosting the LAIF's for easy downloading....

Volume 4 next, maybe?