Friday, June 30, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #27


A nice mix of the usual type Jungle Juice Slop! instrumentals, Group Sounds, Rockabilly, Blues, R and B and songs to make your knuckles drag on the ground....Get it!!!

Show #27!

The Jaguars Roundabout EPIC promo

The Vigilantes Warm Wind HERMI RECORDS

The low-rocks - snooker S.A.K.

The Vigilantes Caterpiller Crawl HERMI RECORDS

 Les brown jr. - drum's safari GNP CRESCENDO

 The boys – cobra #1 RECORDS

 The Emcees Hot Rock CIMARRON


 The delcos - arabia EBONY

The Crenshaws Moonlight in Vermont WARNER BROTHERS

Joe Lyons and the Arrows Shufflin Jive HIT MAKER

The Butanes with Teddy Mcrae and orch. Don't Forget I Love You ENRICA

The Champions with Sonny Thompson Come On CHART RECORDS

The Eagles Please Please MERCURY

The Bel-Aires Let's Party Awhile FLIP RECORDS

The Dusters Teen Age Jamboree GLORY

The Elites Mama Look at Me CHIEF RECORDS


Mel McGonnigle Rattle Shakin Mama ROCKET RECORDS

Gene Maltais Lovemakin REGAL

Allen Page with The Deltones Dateless Night MOON

Billy Starr Hound Dog IMPERIAL

Junior thompson How Come You Do Me TUNE

Phil Bo Mr Train SOM RECORDS

Pico Pete Chicken Little JET

Big Al Downing Miss Lucy WHITE ROCK


Professor Longhair Look What You're Doin to Me EBB

Big Boy Myles and the Shaw-Wees Hickory Dickory Dock SPECIALTY

Lois and Louis - pow wow! SPECIALTY

Little Esther Hollerin and Screamin FEDERAL


Billy the Kid Emerson Something for Nothing SUN


Harold Burrage I Don't Care Who Knows COBRA

Lillian Offitt My Man Is a Lover CHIEF

JB Lenoire don't touch my HEAD CHECKER

Homesick James Set a Date COLT

Nappy brown - baby cry cry cry baby SAVOY

Little walter - i got to go  CHECKER

Stomp Gordon Ride Superman Ride SAVOY


Link Wray Blow Your Mind HEAVY

Travis Wammack Night Train ATLANTIC

The Warlocks I'll go Crazy DECCA

Merced Blue Notes Rufus JR MAMMOTH RECORDS

Mary Sue Gravy GIANT

Ty Terrell The Scratch part 1 LUTE RECORDS

Tony Ray - Bossa Nova Baby IMPERIAL

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9 (remaster)


Here is the remaster of Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9. Only two more to go until the volume 18! Not a lot to report with this volume. I cleaned up the sound and added the killer cover image that I’ve wanted to use for a long time. The original image is from the amazing record called PSYCHEDELIC DANCE PARTY by the Vampires Sound Incorporation.  Around the time this volume came out The Cramps were using Sex And Mystic Of M.Sade as their intro music for their live performances, which you can hear on the first track.  The original song is pretty long, so this is an edit of the music they used as their intro. The song is from the film Tender Flesh aka Boccato Di Cardinale directed by Jess Franco. Speaking of Franco, I figured at the time, this would be a good volume to include the song The Lions and the Cucumber from one of Lux and Ivy’s Favorite films; Vampyros Lesbos.  Since then, Lions and the Cucumber has become really well known because of its inclusion in Tarantino’s film, JACKIE BROWN.  Prior to that it was mostly known by Franco fans and fans of vampiric psychedelic soundtracks.

I’m forgetting the person that helped me find a nice high quality scan of the original cover. Please remind me who you are! So I can thank you properly!

Adam Fitch did the layout and was able to find the font as well to really round out this volume! Thanks Adam!

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9 (remaster)