Friday, December 29, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #46


Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice show #46! Thee last show of this strange year! Get down and throw UP to Jungle Juice faves like; The Bonnavills! Link Wray! Wes Dakus! The Robins! Mike Fern! The Rio Rockers! Slim Harpo! Little Walter! The Jesters of Newport! And the Positively Thirteen O'clock! And more mind bending atom twisters! Thanks everyone for listening this year, see you in the new year with all sorts of new mind melting/blowing/damaging records and sounds as the Jungle Sounds continue to ABOUND! Full playlist over at the Boss Radio 66 Blogspot!

Show #46!

Friday, December 22, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice show updates

Show #43!

Show #44!

Show #45!

Sorry, I've been lax posting the shows over here. Always get your fix at my facebook page or the Kogar's Jungle Juice facebook page!


Friday, December 1, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #42


Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #42 features the usual schlock boppers including a set of tassel twirlers with vintage burlesque comedian ACTION between songs, plus at no extra added cost; a set of jungle toons that include monkey and Tarzan songs! GET PRIMITIVE !  This show features such amazing and forgotten artists as; The Congo Kid, Dave C. and the Sharptones, Houston Barks (!), Koko Joe, The Mogambos, and MORE glorious grinding greats!

SHOW #42

Friday, November 24, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #41 -- Thanksgiving Special


While you're grooving on your Day After Thanksgiving Hangover, get DOWN with this episode of Kogar's Jungle Juice! This show features songs about Food and Drink and some Native American tinged toons as well! Songs about TURKEY, lima beans, mashed potatoes, birds, gas, wine and other gastro delights. This show features artists like; Eddie Ware, Link Wray, The Linn Twins, Gradie O'Neil and ALF NEWMAN!  Full set list at the Boss Radio 66 Blogspot!


Friday, November 17, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #40


Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #40! Get on the Jungle Juice train and let's have a wild Teenage Party! This show features artists like; The Mad Plaids, The Del Pris, the 5 Royales, Rosco Gordon, Warren Smith, H-Bomb Ferguson, The Zaks and a special "song" by Pete Mad Daddy Myers! Full set list over at the Boss Radio 66 blogspot!

 Next week’s show will feature an all Food, Drink and Native American influenced 45’s in celebration of the greatest EATING day of the year; Thanksgiving! And If I can get my shit together, a bunch of drops featuring Something Weird’s new It’s Intermission Time LP! Stream it on Thursday on TuneIn at the usual time while you're doing Turkey prep, or when you're half passed out on your tryptophan tryp! (or on Mixcloud the next day!)

Show #40!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #39


Greetings Schlock Boppers! It’s time for another Episode of Kogar’s Jungle Juice! This episode features a moody exotic SURF set featuring a few songs that were on the Lux Interior tapes that were already in my collection (I LOVE when that happens!), along with a few others in that same VEIN. Also on today’s show some fabulous NEW music from the amazing Masonics and the lovely ladies of the’s! Alongside the usual group sounds, rockabilly, blues and R and B. Oh, I almost forgot! I also dug out various versions of T. Valentine’s song DO THE DO! This show features artists like; The Lively Ones, The Revels, The Enchanters, The Arabians, Jackie Brenston (with IKE), Mac Curtis, Howlin Wolf and The Pretty Things!


Show #39!

Friday, November 3, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #38

 Strap IN (or out? On?) for Episode #38 of Kogar’s Jungle Juice! This is the first show for the month of November! This show features songs by; The Savoys, The Marquis, The Leopards, Big Maybelle, Vern Pullens, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Wright, Lee Tillman and Mohammed Rafi! Full set list over at the Boss Radio 66 Blogspot!

Show #38!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #37 HALLOWEEN Special!


Greetings BOILS and GHOULS, it is time for you CREEPS to FEAST on Kogar’s FOUL FARE of DISGUSTING SELECTIONS of HOWLING HALLOWEEN HORRORS! Your master of SCARE-A-MONIES has been looking in his little BLECCH BOOK trying to figure out what TASTY TERROR TIDBITS to RUIN your eardrums with on this GHASTLY episode of KOGAR’S JUNGLE JUICE! What kind of BLOOD CURDLERS does he have in store for you this week? Well, the REEKING RECIPE OF REVOLTING REVELRY will make the strongest man QUAKE and QUIVER in FRIGHT!  How much will you be able to take?! 3 HOURS of 45 SLIME SLINGERS are coming your way! VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, FRANKENTEINS, MUMMIES, HORROR HOSTS and VOODOO to give your NIGHTMARES nightmares!  Join us IF YOU DARE!!!


Friday, October 20, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #36!


Another week means another big batch of Jungle Juice Sounds to sooth your inner beast or beastess! This show features artists like Ronny kae, Wynonna Carr, Eddie Bond, Big Walter, The Swamp Rats and TWO different JAGUARS! Get LOOSE with JUNGLE JUICE! Next Week! A big, giant, spooky 3 HOUR HALLOWEEN extravaganza!

Show #36

Friday, October 13, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #35!


Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice for OCTOBER 13th! A Friday, at that! This show features a set of songs from RIVINGTONS related groups as well as artists like: Charlie Feathers, Baker Knight, Guitar Gable, Otis Rush and JC Davis! Songs about MAD GASS, Bippin and Boppin, Killin Hens, French Fried Potatoes and Ketchup and other delights! Full playlist over at the Boss Radio 66 Blogspot!

Show #35!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Something Weird Lux Interior Tapes


Ok, Kiddies, Finksters, Weirdos and Mad Daddy-O’s, Here’s something that’s been taking up some of my time these past few months. Let’s rewind a few years back to when our tale really begins. I was lending a monkey’s paw on Something Weird’s Greatest Hits LP with Something Weird’s Fearless Leader, Lisa Petrucci and King of the Weirdos Howie Pyro. During this time, Lisa mentioned to me that Lux Interior had sent a cassette tape to her husband and founder of Something Weird Video, Mike Vraney. It was a cassette tape of music for Something Weird’s series called Nudie Cuties (and Peepland USA). Back in the early days of SW Mike was cobbling together nudie loops into two hour tapes. These tapes featured scenes of gals dancing, prancing, and of course ROCK CLIMBING in the altogether. Mike had used the tape as a music bed to the action taking place on the screen.

Lisa also told me that Lux was a HUGE fan of the series, as well as a huge fan of the company in general (who isn’t?!).  She told me that Mike said Lux used to do housework with Nudie Cuties playing in the background! Picture Lux all decked out in his, um, “LUX-Ness” vacuuming or dusting!  If I remember correctly, she said “a tape” and that if she found it; I “would be the first to know.”  At the time, my mind was already reeling with almost daily communications with Howie about songs that we all loved from the AMAZING library of flicks from the SW catalog of mind blowers.  Add to that madness, the thought of a tape that Lux sent to Mike filled with music that he thought would be cool for the Nudie Cutie series? Yowza! What could be on that tape?

The caveat was that the tape was lost and located somewhere within the VAST Something Weird Archive.

Years went by and every once in a great while I would mention the tape to Lisa, but it was still lost somewhere in the Never-Never Land of WEIRD.

As time went on, my mind wandered back to the tape and Nudie Cuties. Maybe I could  track down the original VHS tapes and just go through them all “for science.” But that was a daunting task as the original VHS tapes hadn’t been ported over directly to DVD, so the DVD’s were different than the original tapes. Oh yeah, and also….there’s THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY volumes of Nudie Cuties and Peepland USA tapes!  There would really be no way to tell which music was from where. HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of hours of gals dancing, prancing and don’t forget--ROCK CLIMBING!  I pictured myself becoming the “Pop-Eye” version of the Flaming Carrot; emerging from my shack, after watching hundreds of hours of gals frolicking, clad only in an old sweat stained overcoat with a permanent “pop-eye-d” gaze, dried drool at the corner of my mouth, mind shattered and wrecked beyond reason.

One day, about a month or so back, a box bearing the Something Weird address appeared on my front porch! How curious! There’s almost NOTHING like receiving a mysterious package from Lisa and SW. “What could it be?” I thought as my hands began to shake while opening the almost foot long box.  You guessed it, it was cassette tapes!  Over two dozen of them! Lisa sent a nice little note telling me I was the Custodian of the Something Weird Cassette Tape Archive.

Commence complete BRAIN MELTDOWN.

It wasn’t just “a tape.” Lux had sent multiple tapes for use in the series! In this batch, there are 10 or so 90 minute tapes made by Lux sometime in the 90’s I’m guessing. There are 5 tapes with Lux’s handwriting on the spine, as well as one playlist/track listing for a tape NOT included (or if it is, I haven’t found it yet).  Also included is a sticky note from Lux saying “Hey Youze – Here’s another of these here tapes – Talk to ya soon!”  The note is signed with his iconic signature.

The tapes themselves are filled mostly with easy listening type tunes; think Esquivel, Arthur Lyman, John Barry; along the lines of Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 16. There is also a fair amount of seriously obscure “moody” surf music. There are also 2 full tapes of what I would call double entendre dirty songs. These could easily be used to torture someone. One or two songs is funny, but 3 hours? “STOP! I’LL TALK!!!”  I would say that I have been able to identify maybe 75 percent of the music so far, either songs I recognize, or with the help of music identification software. Something I usually don’t like to use, but since there are so many tapes and songs, it was kind of a necessity.

It’s been really amazing going through the tapes and picking up on these little amazing things. One tape has two songs from what have become known as The Vip Vop tapes. Tapes Lux made back in the day, and that have been since bootlegged. This is huge clue that this particular tape was made by Lux. Of course these are two songs that I’ve been trying to identify for over 20 years! Fingers crossed that someday they will be uncovered (along with maybe another 60 or so songs that are a mystery from these new tapes).

What will happen with these, you ask? Well, I’m digitizing them and trying to ID songs where possible. Other than that I don’t know. These tapes “could” result in I don’t know how many volumes of Lux and Ivy’s Favorites. But, is the world ready for volume upon volume of this kind of stuff? Or I could do a best of? I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

 I love the titles he gave them. Carrying on the tradition from Forbidden City Dog Food, Lux would title his tapes with songs from the particular compilation he was making. My favorite here is obviously PUSSYFOOT COCK FIGHT. A combination of Bob and Phil & The Orchestra’s Pussyfoot and The Sheik's Men song called Bangkok Cockfight. A quick YouTube search will clue you in to the kind of music is on this tape.

I want to thank Lisa Petrucci for entrusting me with this insanity. It has been quite a thrill being a “tape detective” and matching up tapes with their proper tape covers. Over the years I’ve been sent various tapes like this, but never at this volume. In times past I would spend sometimes years trying to identify songs myself, or with the help of people like Howie Pyro or Rex Doane. The experience of excavating tapes like this is a real thrill, and of course it opens up a whole new world of trying to track these songs down on their original format, either on 45 or LP. It’s so cool hearing an old favorite, or being completely blown away by something you’ve never heard before (you’ll never hear it all, but it sure is fun to try!).

Please check out and check out what they have to offer! There’s the afore mentioned SOMETHING WEIRD’S GREATEST HITS on LP and CD, as well as The Spook Show a Go-Go LP that I wrote some of the liner notes for, amazing soundtracks, as well as THOUSANDS of some of the craziest and coolest movies ever made (available on physical media or digital download), including, oh, you know; 270 volumes of Nudie Cuties! 

(NOTE: It’s almost impossible to figure which volumes the music Lux picked for Nudie Cuties, or if even Mike used all of it, but odds are they would be in the first 100 volumes, so that should narrow it down for some future “popeyes” in training!)



Friday, October 6, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #35


Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #34! We're finally in OCTOBER! The best month of the year! Enjoy the usual mix of CAVEMAN MUSIC FOR CAVEMAN PEOPLE! This show features artists like; The Rangers, Shades of Rhythm, Sheriff and the Revels, Little Walter, Link Davis, Ricky Coyne and Bobby Fuller! Full playlist over at the Boss Radio 66 blogspot!

Show #35!

Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday, September 22, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #32


New Shows Every Thursday at 1:00 and 8:00pm EST streaming on the TuneIn Boss Radio 66 page! This show streamed September 21 and features artists like Kipper and the Exciters, Hayden Thompson, The Five Owls and Mickey Lee Lane! Full playlist and streaming icon at the link below!

SHOW 32!

Friday, September 15, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #31!


01 the enchanters - cafe bohemian (vocal) ORBIT

02 muvva (guitar) hubbard - congo mambo

03 the dawn beats - road block NO LABEL

04 Ted Russell (And His) Rhythm Rockers – Brang GLEE

05 The Night Raiders Cottonpickin PROFILE

06 The Thundermen - Thunderbeat KISKI

07 Baker Knight Theme From the Devil's Hand CHESS

08 The Pendeltons Itchy Bon Mash RENDEZVOUS RECORDS


01 The Spades I'm on Fire MAJOR RECORD CO

02 Teen Tones Gypsy Boogie NU CLEAR

03 The Danderliers Chop Chop Boom STATES RECORD COMPANY

04 The Jaytones Gasoline BRUNSWICK

05 Billy Ward and his Dominoes Can't do Sixty no More FEDERAL

06 The Versatones Tight Skirt and Sweater ALL STAR


01 Mercy Baby Rock and Roll Baby ACE

02 Bobby Charles One Eyed Jack CHESS

03 Jerry Mcain and his Upstarts - Courtin in a Cadillac EXCELLO

04 Floyd Dixon Oooh Little Girl EBB

05 Esquerita - Hey Miss Lucy CAPITAL PROMO

06 Little Johnny and The Silvertones Rock till the End of Time NORTON


01 Guitar Gable Cool Calm Collected EXCELLO

02 Ron Haydock 99 Chicks CHA CHA

03 Vi-Kings with Nils King - Rock a Little Bit DEL-MANN

04 Bobby and Terry Caraway and the Rockats Ballin Keen CREST

05 Dorsey Burnette Bertha Lou CEE-JAM

06 Janis Martin Will You WillYum RCA VICTOR

07 Jules Blattner and his Teen Tones Rock and Roll Blues BOBBIN

08 Allen Page with sandy and sue and the big four oh Baby MOON


01 TV Slim and his Hearbreakers Flatfoot Sam CHECKER

02 Jimmy ANderson Goin Crazy Over TV EXCELLO

03 James Walton and his Blues Kings - Miss Jesse James HI Q

04 Harmonica Slim Mary Hellen ALADDIN

05 J.T. -Big Boy- Brown w Elmo James and his Broom Dusters Dumb Woman Blues METEOR

06 Johnny Wright with Ike Turner's Orchestra The World is Yours RPM

07 Harold Burrage Messed Up COBRA


01 The Executioners - Don't Put Me On ACTION

02 Bedforde Set Girl Go Run Away RCA VICTOR

03 Del Shannon Move it on Over AMY

04 The Shamrocks Balla Balla INTERNATIONAL POLYDOR

05 Donni Jerald Im a Bum SQUARE

06 The Plunderers Boss ROULETTE

07 Link Wray and the Wraymen Rumble Mambo OKEH


Outro Lavern Baker - Romance In the Dark

Monday, September 11, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #30!


Show #30! The first of the new WEEKLY shows. Every Thursday the new show will stream exclusively on TuneIn at 1:00 PM AND 8:00 PM EST! If you miss the stream here:

Don't worry, all the shows will be here with links to the Mixcloud page. Usually on Friday! 


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #29


Here is show 29! Thee last of the monthly shows before the weekly craziness starts on September 7th! Dig it here: 

SHOW #29!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 18


Welcome to Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 18! The last one was over 10 years ago, believe it or not. What a crazy 10 years it’s been. I stopped (or took a break) at 17 because of all the bootlegs that began appearing at that time. I had been approached for at least decade before that about putting these out and said “NO” emphatically, and so folks started doing their own (even down to using some of my personal 45 rips, I recently discovered!).  I can’t imagine ANY self-respecting fan buying these things. But I digress, and won’t waste space talking about them.

In that time I would pick up a new song here or there, or identify a song from the Vip Vop tapes (that have ALSO been booted, haha) and threw them in the “LAIF” folder.  Back in 2012 someone sent me a tape with NO track listing called Lux’s Space Discs. Lux had given this 90 minute tape to the person who eventually sent it to me. The tape includes all sorts of amazing space related songs from either 45 or LP’s.  A bunch of these songs have appeared already on other volumes that I was able to find from other reference points over the years.

This volume is a nice mix (I think) of some of those “space discs” as well as a BUNCH of songs that I was able to finally identify from the Vip Vop Tapes. I always used to go by the belief that many of those songs came from the original 45’s, but in a few cases they came from one of the many LP compilations that came from Europe in the 70’s and 80’s.  If you check out the track listing from American Rock 'N' Roll Instrumentals Vol 4 you’ll see what I mean, half the songs on that record are ON the Vip Vop Tapes.  I stumbled upon this accidently and discovered a few of the unnamed VV songs.

The lead off track on this volume is the amazing and overlooked Enchanted Island that is on the Spark Plugs album (where Chicken was originally sourced from). The person who did the original Born Bad LP’s had wanted to include that track back then, as it was the source for……Kizmiaz!  Now, some say it was Duane Eddy’s Lost Island, but listen to the ending of Enchanted Island and hear the “ooh, ooh” parts and it’s totally from Enchanted Island. That ISN’T to say that The Spark Plugs (or whoever this band was) didn’t copy it from Eddy’s song originally.

Let’s see, a few other notables. Get Me to the World on Time was mentioned in the new and amazing Kid Congo book as the inspiration for the guitar sound on New Kind of Kick. Thanks Kid for an amazing and moving book, as well for giving us this piece of info about one of my favorite Cramps tunes.

Another big song for me was Discoteque Dance Party by the Panics. On the Vip Vop Tapes it’s about a two minute song, so I had always assumed that it was from a 45. For YEARS I searched for a 45 called “Dance Everybody Dance” or something like that. Turns out the song is by The Panics and comes from an LP and is part of an almost 5 minute song! The whole song is included here.

Recently, someone sent me about 90 minutes’ worth of audio of the time The Cramps appeared on Rodney’s show on KROQ. It’s a great show from around the time that Psychedelic Jungle came out (Lux hilariously reads the concert listings and purposely messes up the names or makes snide comments, much to Rodney’s chagrin), and features a handful of records they brought to the studio.

Other songs are odds and ends I’ve picked up over the years.

I’m very happy with the way this cover turned out. I had wanted to use this image for years. It is from the amazing LP by Jimmie Haskell called COUNT DOWN. The Mad Daddy was a huge fan of this record and used it on his radio show. So I figured it would work for a cover because of some of the “space” related songs, and EVERYONE knows what a fan of Lux was of the Mad one.  Two Haskell songs appeared on LAIF #12. Adam Fitch did the design and layout from my idea. Thanks Adam!

That’s it, in the words of Lux; “Hope you enjoy the riiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!”

Thanks to Bruce Milne, DJ Not Rodney, West Brook, Howie Pyro (who is the ONLY person I told about Enchanted Island) and anyone else who helped along the way!

LAIF #18

Monday, July 24, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice #28


Here is show #28! Technically our 3 year anniversary for my show on Boss Radio 66! Thanks for all the support and being a bunch of cool Streaming Mee Mee’s! This show features a Tassel Twirler set by request as well as a spin through the THREE 45’s on the great FORTUNE label attributed to the fabulous NITE SOUNDS (Technically 3 different records with the Nite Sounds as the backing band). You can read all about them in the fabulous KICKS BOOKS Fortune Records book by Billy Miller and Michael Hurtt (you ALL own that by now, right? If not GET ON IT. Norton has been running all sorts of sales, now is the TIME!). Also, a surprise new station ID by one of our national treasures!

 Sorry, no blues set this time, but you get an extra LOOOONG Knuckle Dragger set of twisted craziness to cave in your cranium as well as that aforementioned Tassel Twirler set!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 10 (remaster)


Here is the remaster of Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 10. This is one of my favorite volumes.  At around this time I had kind of hit the wall when it came to finding songs they mentioned. I believe this was 2008, as best as I can determine. Around this time Howie Pyro sent me scans of tapes that Lux had made and that he had gotten copies of. He had forgotten who had given him the tapes. Howie had laboriously gone through the tapes and determined what the tracks were. What year that was, is lost to time, but way before the internet could’ve helped out. I’m sure there was a lot of trial and error.  Howie had become fascinated with my project and we became friends, partly, because of it. He was always so excited when a new volume was coming out, and was always happy to help ID songs, which he did numerous times. Thanks as always to the King of the Weirdos…

This volume has a good amount of jungle oriented tunes, some tassel twirlers, rockers and other stuff that influences my show to this day.

This volume’s cover is, again, laid out by Adam Fitch from my idea. He was able to magically adapt the original lettering from the 45 sleeve of Los Mortíferos EP from Spain. The ONLY way you can get some of these songs on 45 RPM! Of course, Los Mortíferos, are The Deadly Ones, who released ONE amazing LP called It’s Monster Surfing Time on Vee Jay Records. Some of these songs have appeared on other volumes because Lux used some of them on the Purple Knif Show (on LAIF 5, 9 and 15).  Since those volumes already had covers, I decided to use the image here because of the Mummy’s Bracelet which appears on this volume, and let’s face it, it’s just a cool as hell image…

Volume 11 will be next, and THEN (bongo roll!) the newest volume, number 18 will rear its moss covered skull! Until then enjoy this remaster of Volume 10.

LAIF Volume 10 remaster (listen/download)

Friday, June 30, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #27


A nice mix of the usual type Jungle Juice Slop! instrumentals, Group Sounds, Rockabilly, Blues, R and B and songs to make your knuckles drag on the ground....Get it!!!

Show #27!

The Jaguars Roundabout EPIC promo

The Vigilantes Warm Wind HERMI RECORDS

The low-rocks - snooker S.A.K.

The Vigilantes Caterpiller Crawl HERMI RECORDS

 Les brown jr. - drum's safari GNP CRESCENDO

 The boys – cobra #1 RECORDS

 The Emcees Hot Rock CIMARRON


 The delcos - arabia EBONY

The Crenshaws Moonlight in Vermont WARNER BROTHERS

Joe Lyons and the Arrows Shufflin Jive HIT MAKER

The Butanes with Teddy Mcrae and orch. Don't Forget I Love You ENRICA

The Champions with Sonny Thompson Come On CHART RECORDS

The Eagles Please Please MERCURY

The Bel-Aires Let's Party Awhile FLIP RECORDS

The Dusters Teen Age Jamboree GLORY

The Elites Mama Look at Me CHIEF RECORDS


Mel McGonnigle Rattle Shakin Mama ROCKET RECORDS

Gene Maltais Lovemakin REGAL

Allen Page with The Deltones Dateless Night MOON

Billy Starr Hound Dog IMPERIAL

Junior thompson How Come You Do Me TUNE

Phil Bo Mr Train SOM RECORDS

Pico Pete Chicken Little JET

Big Al Downing Miss Lucy WHITE ROCK


Professor Longhair Look What You're Doin to Me EBB

Big Boy Myles and the Shaw-Wees Hickory Dickory Dock SPECIALTY

Lois and Louis - pow wow! SPECIALTY

Little Esther Hollerin and Screamin FEDERAL


Billy the Kid Emerson Something for Nothing SUN


Harold Burrage I Don't Care Who Knows COBRA

Lillian Offitt My Man Is a Lover CHIEF

JB Lenoire don't touch my HEAD CHECKER

Homesick James Set a Date COLT

Nappy brown - baby cry cry cry baby SAVOY

Little walter - i got to go  CHECKER

Stomp Gordon Ride Superman Ride SAVOY


Link Wray Blow Your Mind HEAVY

Travis Wammack Night Train ATLANTIC

The Warlocks I'll go Crazy DECCA

Merced Blue Notes Rufus JR MAMMOTH RECORDS

Mary Sue Gravy GIANT

Ty Terrell The Scratch part 1 LUTE RECORDS

Tony Ray - Bossa Nova Baby IMPERIAL

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9 (remaster)


Here is the remaster of Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9. Only two more to go until the volume 18! Not a lot to report with this volume. I cleaned up the sound and added the killer cover image that I’ve wanted to use for a long time. The original image is from the amazing record called PSYCHEDELIC DANCE PARTY by the Vampires Sound Incorporation.  Around the time this volume came out The Cramps were using Sex And Mystic Of M.Sade as their intro music for their live performances, which you can hear on the first track.  The original song is pretty long, so this is an edit of the music they used as their intro. The song is from the film Tender Flesh aka Boccato Di Cardinale directed by Jess Franco. Speaking of Franco, I figured at the time, this would be a good volume to include the song The Lions and the Cucumber from one of Lux and Ivy’s Favorite films; Vampyros Lesbos.  Since then, Lions and the Cucumber has become really well known because of its inclusion in Tarantino’s film, JACKIE BROWN.  Prior to that it was mostly known by Franco fans and fans of vampiric psychedelic soundtracks.

I’m forgetting the person that helped me find a nice high quality scan of the original cover. Please remind me who you are! So I can thank you properly!

Adam Fitch did the layout and was able to find the font as well to really round out this volume! Thanks Adam!

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 9 (remaster)

Monday, May 29, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #26 Mad Mike Special Part 2!


Now on Mixcloud for anytime listenin'!!!

Kogar’s Jungle Juice #26 Part TWO of my Mad Mike Metrovich tribute! Two MORE hours of amazing Mad Mike Music and airchecks from the moldie oldie VAULTS! This episode features MORE wacked out instrumentals, rockers, rockabilly, 60’s fuzz and (my favorite) whacked out toons of the knuckledragger variety! Along the way, you’ll hear something that not many people have heard, an acetate from an aircheck featuring a never before released track by Sonny and Premiers! Yow! We’ll also hear a bit about Hanky Panky, The Sonics and how Mad Mike was bigger than the Beatles in Pittsburgh!

Mad Mike Tribute Part 2!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice #25 Mad Mike Special Part ONE!


Kogar’s Jungle Juice Episode #25, Part One of my tribute to Mad Mike Metrovich, iconic DJ and record collector fiend from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Find out why we call him the “Father of Us All!” His influence on our “scene” cannot be measured! The amount of crazy amazing records that he dug up throughout his amazing life is mind blowing.

Fan of the song Goo Goo Muck? Love those insane Instrumentals and haunting vocal groups? How about those crazy songs with one word blurted out here and there? Drinkin songs? Jump Blues with double entendres? These were all Mike’s stock in trade! He drove the kids and adults insane for records.

While the rest of the US was knee deep in the British Invasion, Mike was pumping out crazy records that most people were trying to forget about! So grab my hairy hand and follow me into the crazy world of Mad Mike Metro and his progressive sounds.

Show one features songs with the Jungle Beat, Vocal Groups, Insane Dance Work Outs, and Drinkin’ Songs! Along the way we’ll hear from the man himself, culled from various air checks from my archive….

“Stay Mad and You’ll Always Be Glad….”
--Mad Mike

Mad Mike Special Part One

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #24


Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #24!

An extra action packed show featuring a chunk of the new release on Idle Cherub Records called THEY CALL US HOLY ROLLERS: SERPENT HANDLING SOUTHERN GOSPEL. It's exactly what you think it is! Crazy rockabilly/rock and roll played by snake handling madmen/women from Jolo West Virginia! Scream with fright! Dance with delight as the fervor grabs you! Gospel in the JUGULAR VEIN! You just might "dance your shoe-heel off!" Also featuring sound bits from various snake handling documentaries from the past!

Added bonus attraction; a heaping set of songs with the Bo Diddley Beat! All served up with the usual Jungle Juice Nonsense!

Club your mate, make a drink in a fancy glass and get BIT by the sound of it all!

Show #24!

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 8 (remaster)


Here is Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 8 (remaster). The 3rd of the recently restarted remaster process for this series. Only Volumes 9, 10, and 11 are left before volume 18 will appear! Starting with Volume 12, the volumes had covers from that point forward, so I don’t think I will go back over those and just let them stand as is.

Originally, this volume had songs that were not titled as they were taken from the full version of Forbidden City Dog Food, which had yet to be bootlegged at this point.  At some point I identified the songs, and titled them, but didn’t find higher quality versions of the songs.

Not much else to say about this volume, the cover was taken from the LP by The Tides since their Midnight Limbo appears on this volume. Cover Idea by myself, layout by the great and amazing Adam Fitch.

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 8 (remaster)

Monday, March 20, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #23


Hey Kids! What time is it?! It's time for a new episode of Kogar's Jungle Juice! Includes expanded Knuckledragger, Rockabilly and special Huey Piano Smith sets!

SHOW #23

Monday, March 13, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 7 (remaster)


As I build up to LAIF 18, here is the remaster/upgrade of Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 7.  Nothing major,  just cleaned up the overall sound and got some better files. The “big” change was fixing the Stan Freberg track, John and Marsha. When I originally put this volume together, I ended up using the WRONG track! I used one of Freberg’s sequels to the original song. I know this will make one person happy anyway, unless he’s forgotten making a stink about it all those years ago! Now you can be annoyed by a completely different annoying track than the one that was on the original LAIF #7!

This cover was put together by Adam Fitch from my idea, and is taken from the Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards LP. I figured since one of her tracks is on the compilation, what better image to use?

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 7 (remaster)

Friday, February 24, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 4 (Remaster)


YEARS ago I had begun the laborious process of “remastering” the original LAIF’s because a lot of the early volumes that were made during the infancy of the internet had less than stellar sound quality. I began to remaster them and come up with covers for them as well.  This was done mostly so that when they popped up on my ipod (now phone) there was a cover to display for the compilation. I designed some of the covers myself, while other covers were done by artist pals like J.R. Williams, Haunted George, Gilles Fernandez, and King Trash (Michael Deforge).

When I first started doing these, they were the equivalent of a mix tape, nothing more than that.  Working on Kogar’s Jungle Juice Episode 21 was a blast and got me thinking about those volumes that didn’t have a cover, and still had some audio issues that bug the “audiophile” part of me. I began to go back and take a look at past volumes and see what I could do.

First up, Volume 4! Since this volume has a track from the soundtrack of the GREAT flick SATAN’S SADISTS, we used that as the basis for this cover. Adam Fitch did a FANTASTIC job (as always) with the cover, going that extra mile and recreating the Satan’s Sadists font. As always, THANKS Adam for making my ideas a reality!

Here’s Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 4 remastered for your enjoyment…

LAIF #4 (remaster)

Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #22

 SIN-diCATS and SIN-diKITTENS lend me your WIGHATS! Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #22! Instrumentals, Group Sounds, Rockabilly, Blues, REAL R&B and thee best in Knuckledraggers! Give yourself a PEANUT BUTTER facial, let your ZITS roam freely and feel your hair grow as you transform in to a seething, drooling, Jungle Juiced Rock N Roll Monster or Monsterette! Enjoy!

Show #22!


Saturday, February 4, 2023

Listen to the Rain: Doom Wop Faves

In an effort to hopefully expand people’s palates regarding vocal groups, I present to you a compilation of what I call DOOM WOP. 45’s on the ballad side of town, but mostly about longing, love lost, gained and lost again. Some maybe by chance, others by devious means like “feeding your baby poison."
These are 45’s to listen to late at night, or when you're melancholy. They’re not all downers, but even if they are, its music that hopefully transports you as it does me….
Enjoy Listen to the Rain – Doom Wop Faves.
Cover by Adam Fitch Design by Kogar

Friday, January 20, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice #21 Lux and Ivy's Favorites Special!


Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #21! Almost THREE HOURS of amazing music from the Lux and Ivy's Favorites series that started nearly 30 years ago! Along the way I'll talk a little bit about the series and how it started while playing (mostly) 45's from the compilations with interview segments from various Lux and Ivy interviews that I've found over the years. All mashed together with horror and exploitation cuts from their favorite movies. Also in there will be a handful of tunes from a possible LAIF volume 18! It's enough to make you a cross eyed gurning sight! Yowwwwwww. Special added bonus the incredibly rare and insane PAPA OO MOW MOW relaxation tape! Something I put together to listen to when I want to get in touch with my inner Purple Knif!  

 So slap on your wig hat, polish up your Batty Bucks (or cha cha heels, whichever you prefer) and settle in to your favorite leopard print comfy chair and take a trip that will tickle your fissure of rolando!

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #20


SHOW #20