Monday, June 14, 2021

Lux and Ivy Interview with The Ghost Who Talks

 Here is a great interview with Lux and Ivy from The Ghost Who Talks, aka Steve Walker, from his show, The Skull Cave on 3RRR out of Melbourne Australia. It starts off a little slow, but heats up pretty quickly. The Ghost is obviously a fan, and he asks some great questions and has great rapport with Lux and Ivy.

This came from a tape that I recently received from a friend in Australia. It was marked "Cramps Interview '91," but the little advert that plays promoting that nights show says 1990, so let's go with that.

Hear them talk about Mad Mike, Strippers and Timothy Carey ejaculating on the print of The World's Greatest Sinner (among other fun topics)!


The Ghost Who Talks Lux and Ivy Interview 1990

Also, 3RRR is still going strong. I highly suggest you check out Bruce Milne's fabulous show WHERE YO IS.  All his shows can be accessed at this link. WHERE YO IS!