Friday, November 30, 2012

Kogar's Big Thrill-O-Rama Trash Show #2

Alright, here is my Buzzsaw Joint (Volume 11). The person that runs the site, Fritz Buzzsaw, asked me to do a compilation for his ongoing series called "Buzzsaw Joint." It's a series compilations made by DJ's that he makes available for download at his site.

Some things you should know. This is the 3rd volume in a proposed series of 4 volumes subtitled Kogar's Big Thrill-O-Rama Trash Show. The first two have appeared here, and over at WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul page.

What is Kogar's Big Thrill-O-Rama Trash Show? It's my tribute to something called "the vip vop tapes." Basically it's a mix with various exploitation sound clips interspersed with some songs that, to me, stand above the pack from your average run of the mill tunes. The first 2 volumes were posted over at my blog and at WFMU's Rock n' Soul Ichiban blog site. Feel free to bounce over there for other stuff that might be up your (back) alley. Thanks to JR Williams for the amazing artwork, as always. And thanks to Fritz for letting me fill a CD's worth of material.

One more thing. In tribute to Mad Mike none of the tracks are labeled. This will probably piss off more than a few people, but hey, that's what I wanted to do. It also plays all in one track so that you have to listen to it like a tape!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Update


I've been getting many complaints about some of the links for the series being down, so I've re-uploaded everything that's been done to date. Please let me know if there's any more issues. 

So here is everything that is done to date; Volume 1,2,6,12,13,14,15,16. All the other volumes are either available via the original WFMU blog (do a google search) or here.  As the series is being remastered to fix glitches and errors, download them and get rid of the old versions.  The ones above are as done as they're going to be.

Super special thanks to the folks over at WFMU for their support of the series and especially Debbie D of WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Three Scorpions!

Here are 3 different versions of one of my favorite instrumentals, Scorpion!

The original version of this song came out in 1960 by Jimmy Mcconville. A few years later he formed another band, The Carnations and re-recorded the song.  The Carnations version was the theme song for Louisville KY DJ Jack Saunders.

I just recently found a third version by an Indiana band called the Dawnell's.  This one released in '65. Fascinating to hear what a mid sixties band did to the song.

I'm also including their fantastically inept take on Little Egypt from the flip side!