Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Songs we Taught Jack, Eric and Greg (Oblivian)

Seeing The Oblivians for the first time since 95 was a total revelation. What a great fucking band.
Here is another volume of "songs we taught..." that I made after The Mummies volume. It was meant to be mostly centered around the Oblivians, but I stretched it out a bit by including songs from the Compulsive Gamblers, the Reigning Sound, etc. Some of the songs I think I grabbed from the liner notes of an Oblivians cd (BEST OF THE WORST). Others were from live bootlegs or songs from their albums.

Songs we Taught The Mummies!

Wow, what a crazy rock and roll month it’s been!

Saw The Mummies, The Gories, and The Oblivians (all twice!) in the span of two weeks! Yow!

Here is the first “songs we taught….” Compilations I made back in the early 90’s. Obviously, the idea came from the original SONGS WE TAUGHT THE CRAMPS LP that came out in the mid 80’s. It was an LP of songs the Cramps had covered. Since that time, there has been ANOTHER series of compilation/bootlegs with the same name, as well as a series called BORN BAD with the same purpose; to expose songs The Cramps had covered and put them in a handy dandy format.

I just used that same idea and applied it to various other favorite bands of mine. The first one I tackled was THE MUMMIES. There’s a few missteps on the compilation (how the fuck could I make a comp of songs The Mummies covered and omit Don and the fucking Goodtimes?! Pretty much thee blue print for The Mummies as far as I'm concerned!), but I think it gets across what I was going for at the time. There are also a few too many versions of stronger than dirt on it, but what the hell, every version of that song rules!

Funny story about this compilation. I ran into one of the guys in the very Mummies-influenced band, THE BRIMSTONES and we got to talking about The Mummies. He said he been given a compilation of songs The Mummies had originally done from a friend of his in Europe somewhere. I was kind of shocked. I asked him to describe it to me, to tell me what songs were on it. He spoke of all the different versions of “dirt” on it. I told him that was the compilation I had made!

He pretty much didn’t believe me. But he must have gotten it from someone who downloaded it off of napster!

It was then (this was probably 2002?) that I realized that “home made” compilations were starting to really take off over the world due to downloading. ANYONE could take a subject, or theme and make their own compilations and have 100’s (perhaps 1000’s?) of people hear them!

Pretty crazy.


Coming soon: Song we taught:
Jack, Eric and Greg (Oblivian)
Billy Childish
Walter Daniels (Jack O’ Fire)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Camelots

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume Thirteen!

This is a great 45 by THE CAMELOTS. I’ve been looking for this song “charge” for YEARS.

I originally heard it on the VIP VOP TAPES (tapes Lux made back in the 70’s). The tapes had no track listing, so I’ve been slowly piecing them together over the years.

I stumbled across this one on ebay using the “hear it now feature” on an auction.

What a trip it was to accidentally stumble across it.

It’s a great 45. The b-side, SCRATCH, is a total winner too!



LAIF 13 should be done sometime soon. I'll post it here when its done.

There might not be a blog next week, as it’s going to be a crazy one…THE MUMMIES at maxwell’s this Tuesday!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bo Diddley

Shit, it's been a year since Bo died.

Here are 2 myspace comps that I made within a few weeks of his passing.

BO DID IT AGAIN -- a compilation of bands doing Bo covers or Bo styled songs. A take off of the BO DID IT LP.


BO KNOWS INSTRO -- all instrumental Bo songs from his various albums. Bo did some amazing instrumentals. I tried to pick the ones that he definitely was involved with...