Friday, February 24, 2023

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 4 (Remaster)


YEARS ago I had begun the laborious process of “remastering” the original LAIF’s because a lot of the early volumes that were made during the infancy of the internet had less than stellar sound quality. I began to remaster them and come up with covers for them as well.  This was done mostly so that when they popped up on my ipod (now phone) there was a cover to display for the compilation. I designed some of the covers myself, while other covers were done by artist pals like J.R. Williams, Haunted George, Gilles Fernandez, and King Trash (Michael Deforge).

When I first started doing these, they were the equivalent of a mix tape, nothing more than that.  Working on Kogar’s Jungle Juice Episode 21 was a blast and got me thinking about those volumes that didn’t have a cover, and still had some audio issues that bug the “audiophile” part of me. I began to go back and take a look at past volumes and see what I could do.

First up, Volume 4! Since this volume has a track from the soundtrack of the GREAT flick SATAN’S SADISTS, we used that as the basis for this cover. Adam Fitch did a FANTASTIC job (as always) with the cover, going that extra mile and recreating the Satan’s Sadists font. As always, THANKS Adam for making my ideas a reality!

Here’s Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 4 remastered for your enjoyment…

LAIF #4 (remaster)

Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #22

 SIN-diCATS and SIN-diKITTENS lend me your WIGHATS! Here is Kogar's Jungle Juice Episode #22! Instrumentals, Group Sounds, Rockabilly, Blues, REAL R&B and thee best in Knuckledraggers! Give yourself a PEANUT BUTTER facial, let your ZITS roam freely and feel your hair grow as you transform in to a seething, drooling, Jungle Juiced Rock N Roll Monster or Monsterette! Enjoy!

Show #22!


Saturday, February 4, 2023

Listen to the Rain: Doom Wop Faves

In an effort to hopefully expand people’s palates regarding vocal groups, I present to you a compilation of what I call DOOM WOP. 45’s on the ballad side of town, but mostly about longing, love lost, gained and lost again. Some maybe by chance, others by devious means like “feeding your baby poison."
These are 45’s to listen to late at night, or when you're melancholy. They’re not all downers, but even if they are, its music that hopefully transports you as it does me….
Enjoy Listen to the Rain – Doom Wop Faves.
Cover by Adam Fitch Design by Kogar