Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume Two (remaster)

Well, here's the "remastered" version of Volume 2. I basically just cleaned up the mp3's used for this edition and fixed some quirks that have always bothered me (the way Jennie Lee used to cut off at the last second).

And here's the second of the 2 covers that Slim Gil Deluxe did. As always, thanks to Adam Fitch for his layout work and having the patience to put up with me during this "haunted edition."

Up next will be a new volume that is almost ready. Expect to see it sometime this summer.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lux Lives Commemorative CD 2012

Lux Lives is an annual celebration of Lux Interior's life that takes place in Scotland. Colin Duff, the curator of the event, plans to make it a yearly gathering of Cramps fans and hopes that events like it spread across the globe in years to come. It is a non-profit event with most proceeds going to charity. There's bands, music, video...all catered towards Cramps fans, put on by Cramps fans.

Every year there is a CD giveaway as part of the event. In past years Next Big Thing fanzine founder and former Cramps fan club curator, Lindsay Hutton did a CD, as well as Ian Johnston, writer of the WILD WILD WORLD OF THE CRAMPS book. This year Colin wanted me to compile a CD and do some liner notes for it as well. He asked me to compile my favorite songs from the Lux and Ivy Favorites series. I kind of felt weird putting "my favorites" stamp on it, so what I did was compile songs with interview bits that I've acquired over the years of Lux and Ivy talking about music, and some movie sound bites from movies that they mentioned in various interviews. There's a track from the next volume of LAIF and I've also included some rare Pete 'Mad Daddy' Myers sound bites from his DJ days in Cleveland and in New York.

This year, there were two events, one was on February 3rd, and the other is tonight, February 18th at the Bar Bloc in Glasgow. If you happen to be in the area, I strongly suggest you attend and celebrate the life of someone who meant so much to a lot of us.

Along with the download are the liner notes and the fantastic artwork by J.R. Williams.

I want to thank Colin for all the work he and his friends put in to doing an event like this, and thanks to J.R. for volunteering his time to put together the amazing artwork.