Thursday, September 6, 2012

Psychotic Reactions with Pip

Wow, the last post on this blog was back in April. Sorry! It has been a really rough year and I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to the blog.

I Deejayed last night at a bar/restaurant down in Cambridge Mass. But before all that craziness, I hooked up with my friend Pip for his show Psychotic Reactions on WZBC out of Newton Mass.  WZBC is the 1000 watt station that emanates from the campus of Boston College.  His show has been going strong for years and is usually a show that primarily focuses on 60's garage.

So, if you weren't able to make it down to River Gods last night here is a taste of what you missed.  Or it's a neat souvenir for those of you who did make it and kept asking what the songs were that i was playing!

Sadly, we didn't get to play all that many 45's on the hour long show because Pip wanted to talk about the 45's that I brought, which is cool, but not if you want to play as many 45's as you can in an hour time frame!
He loves the hour long format, whereas I would like a 2 hour slot to develop a rhythm with the tracks being played.  So sorry if it seems like there's too much jabbering!

Enjoy the show!