Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Songs we Taught Jack, Eric and Greg (Oblivian)

Seeing The Oblivians for the first time since 95 was a total revelation. What a great fucking band.
Here is another volume of "songs we taught..." that I made after The Mummies volume. It was meant to be mostly centered around the Oblivians, but I stretched it out a bit by including songs from the Compulsive Gamblers, the Reigning Sound, etc. Some of the songs I think I grabbed from the liner notes of an Oblivians cd (BEST OF THE WORST). Others were from live bootlegs or songs from their albums.


  1. thank you for this! i got it off the WFMU blog and posted it on mine.needs to be shared!

  2. yeah, someone decided to post it after downloading it on soulseek, but they didn't post the whole thing.

    they only put up a handful of songs...

    i don't think the person who posted it knew i had made it....

  3. Find more The Oblivians in my mp3blog and forum searches:

    HERE and

  4. Hey, man...thanks for the great post...check out for a fantastic greg cartwright radio show...cheers