Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here’s an amazing instrumental double hitter from KIPPER AND THE EXCITERS!

I think the A side was just compiled on the HIGH SCHOOL RUMBLE LP volume 3, but the b-side has never been re-ished to my knowledge.

I’m a huge Kip Tyler fan. Tyler was responsible from some truly amazing “switchblade sound” type tunes. I’m sure most everyone familiar with his killer songs, SHE’S MY WITCH and JUNGLE HOP, but you HAVE to track down songs like RUMBLE ROCK, and to a lesser extent, SHE GOT EYES and WAIL MAN WAIL.

I guess at some point he cut this 45 for the TORCH record label. He’s listed as producer and has “writing” credit. These are 2 phenomenal instrumentals that have that “Kip Tyler” sound.

For more info on Kip check out this website:

Also be sure to check out a reissue cd of lots of his material called OOH, YEAH BABY on the Hydra label.

Drum Twist Part One

Drum Twist Part Two

So have a listen and start twistin'.

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  1. What's shakin' Kogar?

    Deacon from the Brimstones. Long time, no see. You still buttling w/ the butlers?

    If'un you dig the Kipper, check out the soundtrack to the 1958 universal pic 'Summer Love'. Tyler cut the R 'n' R soundtrack under an assumed name.