Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Takers

Here's in intersting 45 from Indiana in the 60's.

One side is a half way decent 60's garage jangler, but the b-side features a kick ass little instrumental with some great guitar work and some Nick Knox type drumming. To my knowlege neither of these songs have been comped.

Here they are.

I can Say no More



  1. Yep, the A side is Byrds/Raiderish
    But the instro on the flip side really rocks, despite it sounds very 60's too

  2. Kogar

    Here you can download 'Suspense' by Dickie Goodman:
    Lux used some soundeffect of this record for his Purple Knif show.

  3. hey fake

    was it you that posted this on the wfmu blog? i saw that and have added it to the list of songs. it didn't make the cut for the last volume...maybe the next one...

  4. yep, that was me.
    looking foreward to the new volume(s)!

  5. well a "new" volume is a long way off as of right now, but that could change any day...

    the remastered volumes are moving along a bit slowly...volume 6 is almost done...