Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 12: The Lux Interior Memorial Edition (Remaster)

Hard to believe it'll be a year tomorrow that Lux Interior passed away.

Here is the "remastered" edition of Lux and Ivy's Favorites volume 12, that "came out" a little after that.

I've cleaned it up sound wise a little bit. There wasn't all that much wrong with it, but since the cover was finished for this volume, I figured I'd take a look at the sound quality. Some of the tracks are from the best available elements, and sometimes, quality was sacrificed for a song's particular inclusion.

Over time, all the volumes will have covers and better sound. So delete any existing volume 12's and replace it with this one!

It's the cover that's of most importance for this volume. Again, I want to thank Adam Fitch for taking my idea and making it a reality. He does awesome work.

Also, tomorrow between 11PM and 1AM (est) check out SALAD DAYS on WRIR, Richmond Independent Radio. Dacoit Dan, Slickee Boys drummer and all around cool guy, will be hosting a Lux Tribute that will feature songs by The Cramps, Movie Trailers, Lux and Ivy sound bites, and Lux and Ivy Faves.

Dan asked me to come up with the songs for the show and I think it's really going to be great. His Mad Daddy Tribute show was great, so this should be too...

Check out the radio station's website at;

Oh, and here's what you came for...

AND here's a the lux tribute show i helped put together - oops, sorry, that link was wrong too...sheesh, here's the right i worked with dacoit dan from the slickee boys...


  1. Great stuff Kogar, many, many thanks indeed.
    Fantastic and beautiful artwork too - just what's needed for a memorial album, sad as that may be.
    Rock and Roll!!!!!

  2. You're the best, Kogar
    Now by your fault, I spend a lot of money in Lux & Ivy's faves original 7"

  3. Thanks for all the great cramps goodies Kogar!!!!
    I will also be doing a memorial show for Lux this Friday on from 7–10pm. Check it out if you can.

  4. cool! will it be archived? i'll be in nyc for the weekend...

  5. KOOL STUFF KOGAR, thanks.
    As we're all in a blue kinda mood then YOU GOT GOOD TASTE - SAD MUSIC for SAD PEOPLE brings you a melancholic mix of dark'n'moody songs in remembrance of Lux Interior.

    listen here

    Mr A the Barber

  6. Great stuff Kogar! I had the fortune of meeting Lux and Ivy once. A friend of mine used to roadie for them, and they came to see his band. Ivy still lives in the house they shared, about 2 miles from me. Anyhoo, where can I get volumes 1 thru 11?

  7. Kogar, My Lux Tribute will be archive for a week at:

    (click the listen link)

    or listen live on Friday from 7–10pm eastern
    I'll make sure to give The Jungle Juice a proper shout out!
    Thanks again for keeping us Cramps junkies fixed!!!!

  8. you can download the rest here:

    keep in mind all the volumes will be remastered with new covers, but this will take some time. volume 6 will be next...Unless volume 14 beats it to the punch...

  9. did anyone have a problem with the download of volume 12?

  10. Is there a track listing for this? I didn't see one on your blog and I'd be curious to know what the tracks are.

  11. the tracklisting is part of the download. its on the artwork...

  12. hi kogar,i wanted to asked you where can i get the kogar's hodge podge and mirage compilations?

  13. those are available on soulseek...they were just a way to keep my 45's organized for my ipod...

    1. Hi Kogar,

      I downloaded most of your comps. They all are great. Looking for Kogar's Hodge Podge And Mirage vol 8,9,10,11 and 12. (I have others). Please send me this volumes by mail. (
      Look forward an answer from you.

  14. Thanks for this - is there any chance of getting it (and the future remasters) posted @320? @128 really doesn't do this stuff full justice!

  15. Great, great stuff....a massive improvement, at least to my non-audiophile ear-holes!

  16. Super chingon Kogar. Hours of fine entertaiment. Musica para changos jajaj