Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cramps - City Gardens 6/26/81

It's 2 years today since the death of Lux (still feels weird to type those words). You can read my thoughts on what Lux and Ivy mean to me earlier on this blog, so I won't go into it again. Plus the fact that I'm battling a crazy severe cold/fever the last few days, so I'm not sure if this is making much sense anyway.

Here is a great sounding show from 1981. The one thing that really stands out for me on this recording is the drumming by Nick. It's ferocious and smooth sounding at the same time. If you ever wanted to take a course on what good drumming can be, I recommend buying a kit and playing to this recording every day.

And now a word about bootlegging. I tracked down my local shaman/witch doctor and had him put a voodoo curse on this recording. Anyone trying to bootleg this, or profit from it in any way will "die a thousand deaths!" Sure, make copies for your friends or enemies, but try and profit from it and see what happens...

Rest in Piece Lux. You are sorely missed by many...



  1. Set List:
    Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
    New Kind Of Kick
    Green Fuz
    Goo Go Muck
    Natives Are Restless
    Voodoo Idol
    Human Fly
    I Was A Teenage Werewolf
    Beautiful Gardens
    Green Door
    The Crusher
    TV Set
    Sunglasses After Dark

  2. Thanx Kogar
    By the way, when is LAIF # 16 gonna be "issued"

  3. it'll be a while unless something new pops up...later this year, early next year?

  4. Hey Kogar, I am loving your site, so much to take in. Loving the compilations staggeringly good stuff. Thought you might like to read the blog I wrote when Lux passed a sad day indeed.
    Keep up the good work, & Stay Sick
    Adelaide Australia

  5. Kogar,

    Can you send me a PM - I have some info regarding an item on LAIF - Vol.3 if you're interested. thx.

  6. hey ian, sorry, i just noticed your post today. nice write up. thanks for popping by and checking out the blog.

  7. hey fred, just shoot me an email at not sure how to contact you via blogspot?