Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tassel Twirlers

Here is another new compilation (wow, two in one month) I did for WFMU's Ichiban Rock n' Soul blog (you all go there on a daily basis, right?). It was called TASSEL TWIRLER TUESDAYS. Every week I posted a 45 scan and the corresponding track to go along with it. I missed a few weeks here and there due to all sorts of personal crap going on this year.  But I think the finished product came out pretty good!

Of course the birthplace for this sort of music was the amazing LAS VEGAS GRIND series of LP's.  Most of the tracks on my comp with a few exceptions have not appeared on LVG. 

Head on over to Ichiban for a quick download! And a big thanks goes out to J.R. Williams (Ichiban cohort) for the tantalizing, titillating, tassel twirling cover!


  1. Thanx Kogar's for this great comp and x-tra list of original 7" worth lookin' for.
    Happy 2013!

  2. Thanks a lot for these two new awesome compilations!!!

  3. I just got around to this one...

    Isn't the track you have as Woody and Dave - Shut Ups really the Wild Tones ?

  4. actually, no, this is woody and dave's version of the shut ups, its a different band, same song.