Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intoxica with Howie Pyro!

Here's the show from when Howie had me as a guest on his show.

Here's the set up for this. I was in Los Angeles for the fabulous Norton Records benefit that Howie organized to help Billy and Miriam get back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy gave them a royal going over. It was one of many benefits that happened all over the world the last few months.  Amazing bands like 60's legends Thee Midniters, The Sloths (well, they're legends to me anyway), and a host of other bands both "old" and new played a day long concert to show their love for Norton Records.

So, by the time Tuesday rolled around I was literally dead on my feet.  I don't ordinarily have that "Pyro" lifestyle where I get a few hours of sleep and then it's go go-go, go, go go-go, ya know?  If you know me at all or have listened to the other shows I've guested on, you can hear my voice sounds kind of messed up. Well that's because I was developing some sort of viral upper respiratory infection at the time!  When I got back from California was sick for like 3 weeks...

Hopefully everyone that checks out this blog is familiar with Howie and his amazing show INTOXICA on  I must admit it was a blast to be on his show but also a little intimidating.  Just listen to his show and you'll see why pretty quick. This dude has a collection of wildest, most retardinest music out there. He also sends my already reeling head spinning 2 seconds before his show starts by telling me that all he wants me to play is stuff that he doesn't have! Uhhh, really?!

After a few minutes of drawing a blank I think I put together a pretty good mix of music to check out. Luckily I had brought a few hundred records for the week "just in case." 

So, thanks again Howie for doin' what you do, and letting me spin some rekkids...

Listen/Download here:

Intoxica with Howie Pyro April 2013 with Kogar   Updated download link 2021

for people outside the US INTOXICA with Howie Pyro and Kogar

And if you haven't, check out all the other archived shows (including the amazing show with Jimmy from Thee Midniters!)


  1. Thank you! Only a few certain people "rate" to have my blind trust to just throw records down live on the air, but obviously, you are one of them. Thanks so much for "reeling" with me! Haha Reeling brings REALing, and my show, like much of my public life is fueled by chaos, which is why i throw a curve ball to a guest sometimes before the make it as electric & alive as possible. You were a total pro & I truly appreciate it.

  2. Las Vegas Grump - Ha!

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