Monday, January 13, 2014

The Playboys - Jungle Fever

Here's a classic instrumental from 1959!  I'd heard for years this was a song The Cramps were either into, or adapted in to one of their songs. It's been on a few instrumental compilations and it sounded a bit like The Cramps, but not a hundred percent. I never put it on a Lux and Ivy's Favorites volume because I could never find anywhere they mentioned the song, etc.

So I found the actual 45 in Allentown this past year and snapped it up in a hurry.

Playing it at 33 1/3 it becomes a BIT more apparent that The Cramps used it for a song. Give a listen and see what you think.

As a side note, I've heard a few times that the labels on this particular 45 were somehow reversed and this is actually a song called Shotgun, but I don't see that since the stamp in the dead wax matches the label number of R 572.

Either way, here they both are, one at 45 and the other at 33!

Jungle_Fever at 45

Jungle_Fever at 33


  1. Hey Kogar,
    For some reason these don't seem to be downloading or playing at all. :-(

    1. hey cool ghoul, the 33 version should play, check again...

  2. I can get both to play but the 45 RPM version won't download because Mediafire is insisting I can buy the song from Amazon and therefore denying download permission. Anyway, you're right about the 33 RPM version sounding like a Cramps song, but I can't place which one. Guess I should go back and listen to those records some more...

  3. "I Can't Find My Mind" used this riff...THANKS for posting!!

  4. ugh, that's annoying. looks like you can download the 33 version since it isn't recognized....

  5. Just love this 7", my fave instro ever. My copy turns at 8 RMP

  6. Hey! Thanks for all the good stuff, but what's happened to Vocal Group 45 of the Week! on the other channel? You can't have finished, it's not nearly a CD.

  7. Allegedly, this is Scott Engel/Walker's teenage surf band. Songwriting credit matches...