Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Psychotic Reactions with Pip 5.24.17 Asian Persuasion Special

Ok,  here's the show from last week's Psychotic Reactions with Pip. So at this one, of course Pip and I were early for the first time ever! Buuuut, there was a live band scheduled to play during the 4 O'clock hour and they were late, so they bled into Psychotic Reaction's time slot.

Some background. I've known Pip for well over ten years. He's a good friend, but at the same time, we can disagree pretty strongly about things.  So for YEARS I've been doing his show, and for YEARS he's wanted to do an all "Asian" show.  So when we did the show last week with Howie, I had said to him that I was going be back in town the following Wednesday for the Damned show at the Paradise (which is close by to the station).

Immediately, he wanted to do an all "Asian" show! Matt, the DJ after Psychotic Reactions offered up his slot too to make it a 2 hour show. So my original plan was to do an hour of "Asian" and hour of what I call "Jungle Juice." My usual mix of vocal group, instrumental, R and B, etc type stuff.

I took a few hours to put together a solid mix of "Asian" stuff and some recent acquisitions that I really wanted to play on the radio.  But when we got together he had brought some CD's and an LP of Oriental Rock and Roll. I had wanted to do an all 45 show and I had plenty of material to do so.

What you get here is 85 percent of my 45's and then a bunch of items off LP and CD in more of a "theme" which is what Pip wanted to do (which is ultimately fine, as it's HIS show), but I feel the flow kind of was hurt by not previewing the songs and trying to do theme sets (that's why all those Karate songs are at the end).

That being said, it's worth a listen and I hope you dig it....



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  4. This is really great! Many thanx.
    One request: Would you, could you PLEASE stop saying the word "so" in every fucking sentence...

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  6. I am a great fan of your 45s (45 of the week!). I tried to do that on my own blog, but just could not spare the time each week.
    There is great Asian Music out there that you would like... The Shadows were successfully Touring SEAsia in the Sixties and initiated a boom of garage bands... check out bands like Son of PM or The Cat.. keep up the great work, your blog is fantastic!

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