Monday, July 24, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice #28


Here is show #28! Technically our 3 year anniversary for my show on Boss Radio 66! Thanks for all the support and being a bunch of cool Streaming Mee Mee’s! This show features a Tassel Twirler set by request as well as a spin through the THREE 45’s on the great FORTUNE label attributed to the fabulous NITE SOUNDS (Technically 3 different records with the Nite Sounds as the backing band). You can read all about them in the fabulous KICKS BOOKS Fortune Records book by Billy Miller and Michael Hurtt (you ALL own that by now, right? If not GET ON IT. Norton has been running all sorts of sales, now is the TIME!). Also, a surprise new station ID by one of our national treasures!

 Sorry, no blues set this time, but you get an extra LOOOONG Knuckle Dragger set of twisted craziness to cave in your cranium as well as that aforementioned Tassel Twirler set!

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