Friday, March 8, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #56


Here is show #56 of Kogar’s Jungle Juice! On today’s show we have a special set of Tassel Twirlers, as well as a set of Monkey Songs and a set of Hardcore Hillbilly sides to celebrate our sister station COUNTRY A GO GO! So throw on some tassels, under (over?) your overalls, drink some moonshine and have a roll in the hay and listen to some Jungle Juice! Some of the artists on this show include; Kipper and the Exciters, The Jaguars, Wayne Cochran, Papa Lightfoot, The Whirlwind Evangelists, and Pretty Lord Sundance! Full set list over at the Boss Radio 66 Blogspot!

 Last week’s show was #1 in Doo Wop, Instrumental, Rhythm and Blues and #2 in Rockabilly and Garage Rock! Thanks!

Show #56

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