Friday, June 7, 2024

Kogar's Jungle Juice Show #67


Jungle Juice rolls on into JUNE! This chock full episode includes a tour through the world of Dave Cox and The Sharptones! An under the radar rocker from Cleveland! Plus all the usual trash you’ve come to know and love! Instrumentals, Rhythm and Blues, Vocal Groups, and some real bottom of the barrel Knuckle Draggers to annoy the squares! Get with it on BOSS RADIO 66! This features artists such as; Link Wray, The Rhythm Rockers, The Cellos, The Antennas, Ray Harris, Sanford Clark, Ike Turner and Robin & Crystal Bernard! Full set list over at the Boss Radio 66 Blog!

Mixcloud rankings for last week’s show: #1 in Doo Wop, #1 in Rhythm and Blues, #1 in Garage Rock #2 in Instrumental and #3 in Rockabilly!

Show # 67! (follow link to listen)

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