Monday, June 28, 2010

Head on over WFMU's Ichiban spot to download the above compilation. The cover is by J.R. Williams and truly is a thing of beauty.
So, what IS Big Thrill - O - Rama Trash Show?
Well to put it simply it's my tribute to the Vip Vop Tapes. There are two volumes so far. This one is labeled #0 because originally it had another title. Then years later I made a sequel and called THAT "trash show", so this one has been renamed to reflect the sequel. Confused yet?
Just give it a listen. The compilation is meant to be played like a tape, no track delineations. This is annoying, I know, but just go with it!
The first track is taken from the actual Vip Vop Tapes.
Here is the link

Trash Show volume 1 coming soon!

Also, keep an eye out on the Ichiban site for my Jungle 45 of the Week series that started a few weeks back.


  1. thanks kogar, does anybody have the vip vop tapes?

  2. Thanx Kogar

    Hey Brentabousko, I got the Vip Vop tapes thanx to Kogar and Chuck

    Check out on soulseek

  3. most excellent, really enjoy it.

    what's the title of the cover of "the crusher"? i know that i have it somewhere, just can't remember the title (and can't find it without the title or the artist). thanks.

  4. 'El Monstruo' by Los Shains... it's on the first Teenage Shutdown album.

  5. and a happy independance day to you too!

  6. Hey Kogar,

    thanks a lot for the really awesome Thrill-O-Rama Trash Show which made the perfect soundtrack for my on week-vacation (listing to it EVERY night) ... just one thing: is there some kind of tracklist to it?...
    thx in advance!

  7. hey michael, glad you like the cd! wellllll, as to a track list, i kind of purposefully left it blank as a tribute to the vip vop tapes, which didn't have a track list. so this "first" volume doesn't really have one.

    the next volume will though...any particular tracks you want id'd?

  8. Hi Kogar,

    thanks for gettin's the draft for the tracklist, it would be great if you could fill in the ???...

    1/ Symbols_Do the Zombie
    2/ ???_[I‘m gonna love love love you Baby]
    3/ ???_[Come on over / What a Way to Die]
    4/ Eddie Bond & Stompers _Flip Flop Mama
    5/ ad: Stronger than Dirt
    6/ ???_ Stronger than Dirt
    7/ ad: Plymouth Baracuda
    8/ ???_instro
    9/ Jan Davis_Watusi Zombie
    10/ ???_[I‘m a Caveman]
    11/ ???_[Hoodoo Voodoo Caveman]
    12/ trailer: Frogs
    13/ Daybreakers_Alligator
    14/ trailer: The Virgin Witch
    15/ Kip Tyler & Flips_She‘s my Witch
    16/ ???_[He was a Zombie]
    17/ trailer: Scream
    18/ ???_instro
    19/ trailer:
    20/ ???-Rat Fink
    21/ trailer: Asylum of the Insane
    22/ ???_instro
    23/ trailer: The Sin of Adam & Eve
    24/ ???_[The world‘s greatest Sinner]
    25/ trailer: Buried alive
    26/ Terry Teene_Curse Of The Hearse
    27/ trailer: Chain Gang Women
    28/ ???_instro
    29/ ???_[Peter Pan]
    30/ trailer: Toolbox Murders
    31/ ???_instro
    32/ trailer: The Vault of Horror
    33/ ???_[Blue as I can Be]
    34/ trailer: Vampire Playgirls
    35/ ???_???
    36/ trailer: Don‘t open the Window
    37/ ???_???
    38/ trailer: Prostitution
    38/ ???_[Rockin‘ at the Blues]

    thanks a lot and greetings from Italy