Sunday, June 6, 2010

Psychotic Reactions w/ Pip

My friend Pip has been doing a weekly 60's garage show in Boston at WZBC (Boston College Radio) for years. I have a standing invite to guest on his show if I'm ever in the area. In the past we've done all instrumental shows, a Lux Interior Tribute (during his MONTH long lux/cramps tribute after Lux's passing), etc.

Doing a show with Pip is pretty crazy. There is always something going on, the phone rings when we're on the air, there's no 45 adapters (the first time I went to the station, we had to play cd's until we found some adapters stuck in the 10's of thousands of BC's 45's...I travel with my own inserts now!), etc etc.

Whenever I listen to these shows afterwards I'm always laughing...not sure why. Maybe because I'm just psyched to be back on the radio. More than likely it's because watching Pip DJ is amazing. He talks all the time about how the music is so amazing, that he forgets to cue up the next 45. Then, it's a mad dash to cue up the next 45, which barely happens as the previous 45 ends! Then repeat this process about 20 times!

Some of the 45's on this show are taken from this very blog, but there's some other stuff too that I've never blogged about.

enjoy! (or not)

There's nothing better than .... Radio!


  1. Hey Kogar,
    Please give my regards to Pip
    I remember I met him at "In You Ears" records
    The 1st time I met a guy more talkative than me, ahahah

  2. Kogar...are you familiar with the movie "The Exiles" by any chance? Some cool songs were used, but since it aired on TV a few weeks ago
    some questions arose as to just what they are.

    Especially the two vocal numbers--very obscure + mysterious. I ran it past a few folks who really know their bleep when it comes to rock 'n roll + cult movies. Most of them saw it but couldn't i.d. the songs in question.

    Your expertise would really be appreciated.

    By the way, TCM is going to run it again this week (Wed @ 1 AM).

  3. wow, just added EXILES to my netflix que...i'll check it out and let you know!