Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Forbidden City Dog Food

By request, here's a compilation LP that was taken from a tape that Lux Interior made many years ago, probably the late 70's is my guess.

It always amazed me that Lux was able to make tapes like these back then with all analog equipment. Today, I can wip up a compilation like this in a few hours (not counting the time it takes to pick the songs, and trailers, etc) on my computer (see my May 29th posting). It must have taken him forever to do this back then.

So legend has it that Lux made this tape. Then it got into the hands of some bootleggers, and they pressed it to vinyl.

Its a classic of its kind and is partly responsible for me making compilations all the time.

If you dig this LP, do yourself a favor and track down the compilations called MELLO JELLO. Basically the same idea, great music mixed with exploitation trailers. 2 volumes with a 3rd on the way (although it seems like its been delayed indefinitely). Also of note is the WAVY GRAVY series of LP's. Same idea...



  1. Cheers Kogar!
    I have this on vinyl sans the cover so I'm pleased you've posted this.
    Merry Christ Bits! ;-D

  2. Thanx Kogar,
    Is your download the full 1 hour tape or the shortened LP edition?

  3. WoW!
    I forgot I had this great LP!

  4. dear Kogar....

    sheer beauty!! thanks a lot!

    ciao from Italy

  5. Oh my double fukken gawd....THANK YOU KOGAR!

    I've been lookin' for this all over since I lost my copy...and now my search is complete. I feel like Charles Foster Kane would've felt if he could've wrapped those bony, boozy fingers of his around Rosebud. But he's dead, and I'm not, and I'm gonna slap this beeyatch on the stereo and crank it up LOUD.

    So: people of Brooklyn! If you hear the trailer for "Shack Out On 101" blaring, it's me.

  6. the cold light of New Year's Day, I realize that at the end of the rant I posted above, I was raving about the trailer for "PICKUP on 101," and that's not even on this record...and that just goes to show you how much of the sloppy syrup I'd been soaking up last night.

    But! Still a great record, and still greatly ME, not by my neighbors, but fuck 'em. I'm tired of listening to "Empire State of Mind," gawd dammit!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this stuff. I can't get enough of the Cramps, Monster, greasy R N' R radio weirdness!!!!!!!!

  8. truly love these compilations - another one that i feel is worthy of mention and is similar to the above is cough syrup for elvis impersonators

  9. Here is the track list, with release dates:

    The Crystals - The Screw (1963)
    "The Child" (1977) and "Axe"
    Kenny Henkle's Friends - The Bee (196?)
    "Tentacles" (1977)
    The Invictas - The Hump (1963)
    "Caged Heat" (1974)
    The Merced Blue Notes - Do the Pig (1964)
    "The House by the Lake" (1976)
    J. J. Jackson and the Jackals - Oo Ma Liddi (1959)
    "Mansion of the Doomed" (1976)
    The Sparkles - The Hip (1966)
    "The Locker Room Girls" (1974)
    John Buck and the Blazers - Forbidden City (1958)
    "The Swingin' Model" and "Sabina"
    The Kingpins - Ungaua (1958)
    "The Yum-Yum Girls" (1976)
    Florence Pepper - China Rock (195?)
    "She-Beast" (1966) and "The Embalmer"
    Rod McKuen - Noisey Village (1960)
    "Mustang House of Pleasure" (1978)
    The Dynamos - Woh Woh Yea Yea (1961)
    "Deathrace 2000" (1975)
    The Sliders - The Lamb Shake (196?)
    "Swingin' Swappers" (1976)
    Wes Dakus and the Rebels - Sour Biscuits (1964)
    "Up!" (1976)
    Wes Dakus and the Rebels - Dog Food (1963)
    "Teenage Playmates" (1975)

  10. Mann! You rock! I have beeen looking for this album since 2001 when my junkie mate hocked it with my other rare records at the time.UNGAUA!

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    please reup on another filing sharing server ie ; depositfiles,,

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