Thursday, December 17, 2009

Johnny & the Debonairs - The Bonecracker

Here's a piece of Pittsburgh history. I guess this 45 was a big Pittsburgh dance hit probably played by Mad Mike back in the day (not this 45, but one probably just like it).

Pittsburgian's (?) were famous for label defacement to keep those pesky kids from knowing who the actual artist was or what the song title was, etc. But you should know ALL about that from checking out the liner notes to the fabulous MAD MIKE MONSTERS on Norton Records.

A little side note: Ever see records with holes in them like that? Ever wonder what the hell it meant? Well back in the day if a record didn't sell, it was returned to the distributor. The distributor would refund the record dealer's money and resell the record to somebody else. They wouldn't take returns on records with holes in them because they knew they had already been returned.

Dig this great sleazy grinder...



  1. Another vey cool tune, thanx Kogar

  2. The Bonecracker was played by Porky Chedwick in Pittsburgh.....the record was called Bonecracker because studio wrestling was very popular in Pittsburgh and that term was used often

  3. Good post, I must say I haven't heard them previously and they look good. Going to listen more of their music and hope that it won't disappoint me, thanks for sharing it