Thursday, December 10, 2009

Las Dilly Sisters!

Here's a great 45 by a mexican "novelty" act, I guess you'd call them. Legend has it that their father flew them to California to cut this record. A steller piss take of Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White for the Gordo Record Label. I think it was on one of the Girls in the Garage Albums.

Here are Las Dilly's on one of the greatest tv shows of all time...

And here is a rip of the original 45 at the proper speed.


And here's a rip of it at 33 rpm's that make it sound like its by Las Dilly Brothers!

Las_Dilly_"Brothers"_-_Sometimes Goodguys Don't Wear White


  1. Greta post K
    But you gotta ask yourself why that song?
    Perhaps Dad was a disgruntled manual labourer?
    Mr A the Barber