Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gories and The Oblivians Live in Paris!
A friend of mine recorded both sets by garage legends The Gories and The Oblivians last night. Here is the result.
I'm gonna let the music speak for itself on this one...
Thanks to Patrick for sharing these great recordings!
The Gories
The Oblivians


  1. One of the best and friendly shows I've ever saw, indeed,

    Thanx for cutting / naming the songs, Kogar, including one from your Lux & ivy's fave Vol 12.

    Gonna send this link to Danny and Jack O


  2. cool! you really got a great sound on this recording...

  3. Hey, thanks for these Patrick and Kogar! Cannot wait to hear them. Kogar -- still trying to get track 19 of the O's to you. Having difficulties galor from this thing called the "internet". Blast it...

  4. Fantastic! Thanks, Kogar.


  5. Thank you Patrick, for recording this great show - and it was a pleasure to see you there, as ever. And thanks Kopgar for posting it.

  6. It was my pleasure to meet you and Isabelle, Thierry.
    Watch out your snail mail.

  7. Kogar,

    I discovered your "Lux & Ivy's Favorites" series about a year ago but didn't know about this blog till two days ago. This is awesome, I'm having thee best time with all these uploads and your info. BIG kudos to you!!

    Oh, and I'm listening to the Gories/Oblivians concert now and it's just fab!! Thanks to the guy (Patrick) who taped it. Multo bene!!