Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Reverend Charlie Jackson

All right, back to the glorious 45!

This week’s 45 offering comes from the Reverend Charlie Jackson!

Back in 2003, Case Quarter issued a CD made up of the good Reverend’s recordings. It was a revelation. Blues fans, garage fans (crypt put out the vinyl, I think?), punk rockers…everyone was getting’ down to what the Reverend Charlie Jackson was slingin’. To me it was one of the releases of the year that year.

I had heard about Jackson through the Lux and Ivy Interview in the INCREDIBLY STRANGE MUSIC book. The way they described the song, “Wrapped up and Tangled Up in Jesus” made me want to hear the song immediately! I had to wait a few years till this cd hit the shelves.

Jackson was a blues man first, and at some point became a Reverend. He played crazy, dirty sounding guitar and used to play and sing during his sermons. At some point he started recording some of these songs to give to his parishioners.

The CD is called God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles, and is higly recommended!

At some point, he formed his own label and started releasing his material.

Here are the 2 songs from his 45 released on his own JACKSON record label. Both of these songs have not be re-released in any form! One is a re-recording of Wrapped Up (although, its spelled “Wraped” Up!?).


And if they still have them, you can get your own copy of the 45 from the great website;

Tell em, Kogar send you!

Wraped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus

Lord Your so Good (no spell check in the 70’s, I guess…)

Also, I wanted to mention that Debbie D was awesome enough to invite me to join the new WFMU blog! I don’t think the site is “live” yet (you can certainly go there and check it out, you just can’t “add it” to your favorite “blogger” list of blogs).

My only post so far is a review and links to download the new bootleg of MILAN, aka The Leather Boy,’s re-issue LP; HELL BENT FOR LEATHER. A great collection of the work of Milan!

I will also be doing a DJ set for the page once I can figure out this whole “record your voice onto your computer” thing….

Check it out here:

Next Thursday, I’m heading up to Montreal for the WOOLY WEEKEND, so there may not be a Blog.