Thursday, July 16, 2009

Songs we Taught Walter Daniels (The Jack O' Fire)

Geez, sorry about the lack of blogs lately. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since getting back from Memphis.

Here is the last of the “songs we taught” comps I’ve made.

This “Songs we taught” is for the Jack O' Fire!

The Jack O’ Fire was a great band that released a bunch of stuff back in the early to mid 90’s. It featured Tim Kerr on guitar and Walter Daniels on harp and vocals.

Man, what a band. The basic principal of the band was to do fucked up blues cover songs. But going further than that, they would “blues-ify” punk rock classics. The sound they got on their recordings was fucking outstanding.

On certain albums you’d get covers of chuck berry right next to a version of a minutemen song! All done like fucked up blues tunes.

Amazing stuff. Track down their albums; BEWARE THE SOULESS COOL, FOREVER, and THE DESTRUCTION OF SQUARESVILLE …good listening is guaranteed!

So, this is a compilation I made of songs that the jack o’ fire covered.

Songs we taught Walter Daniels


  1. Thanx again, Kogar
    Hey, you don't do things like anybody : instead of a bonus track, there's a missing song (# 28) ha ha

  2. Wow, thanks for all of the great music!!

  3. procurei muito esse albun não conseguia achar ,,vlw cara abraço e contineu fazendo esse trabalho

  4. Thanks, Walter is a cool guy. He posts from time to time on the Gun Club Yahoo group.

  5. i making a walter daniels documentary it will be done soon-jwc

  6. I just love instrumenutal music. I always try to find the stores from where I can have the instrumental music. I am just loving this. Thank you for posting this